Every year, April 22 is celebrated as “EARTH DAY” to spread awareness related to the environment and to create a natural environment to live.

Especially on this day, we remind each other to protect our earth before it’s too late. It is celebrated in schools; colleges, offices, and various campaigns are organised to spread the message. Water covers 70% of the earth surface. Earth consists of five layers i.e. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere.


The present state of our Earth is very crucial. The pollution level is increasing day by day due to the dumping of toxic, biomedical waste. Earth’s ecosystem is disturbed because of the large-scale environmental disaster. Increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the environment from deforestation may change the environment on a large scale and lead to increase in the level of global warming. Another issue is Air pollution which is causing several health injuries which are harmful to human beings as well as animals and birds. Dumping waste in rivers, lakes and groundwater has stopped the supply of pure water for the eco-system which is injurious for each and every being that is living in this universe. Degradation of soil productivity leads to the decline of food production. Moreover, deforestation and over-cultivation have impacted the surface of the earth. The invention of new factories and industries especially the chemical industry is affecting the atmosphere of the earth and can damage the earth’s property badly. Many recent studies proved that if steps will not be taken to improve the condition of the land, then it can lead to disastrous repercussions. There will be a shortage of natural resources if not used correctly today. Change in the cycle of environment like climate, nature, ozone, and food can affect the lives of people adversely.


Steps were taken by the UN to improve the present condition of the Earth: –

  1.  Every country or every state should adopt a measure to deal with pollution and try to use things which are environment-friendly.
  2. It is important to embrace social and economic development to make a better environment for every individual.
  3. Economic factors and ecological factors should be kept in mind for any developing countries.
  4. There should be a proper development planning of any state to improve the environment for their country and the people.
  5. Sustainable development is one of the necessary steps.
  6. Every individual should have the basic knowledge to take care of their environment. So, that a healthy environment is created for everyone.


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