Gone are the days of having plenty of remotes on the dining table. It is the technical era where one remote is capable enough to handle all the electronic devices of the home. Now, it is quite obvious that to choose one smart remote from the mind – boggling number of options is really the laborious task. So, in order to relieve you guys, I am here with the review of the best smart remote available in the market which is none other than Sevenhugs’ smart remote. It is the world’s first contextual remote that has the ability to control everything and search top 10 Gadget also for this year.

‘Just point, it adapts’ is the tagline of this smart remote and no doubt that this tagline is 100% accurate. You need to just point this remote towards the device you want to control and this remote just adapt the same like a magical trick. There is a processing time between point and display, it adapts instantly and whenever you point at the device. Well friends, tell me the truth that has you ever dreamed of controlling each and every electronic gadget of your home with just one remote?? If not, then now you can dream of the same with Sevenhugs’. It is quite amazing that this single remote is compatible with almost 25,000 devices. Wow!!!! It’s really amazing. Along with the countless devices, this remote is also compatible with almost all the major brands. The smart remote and its open API bring universal control to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Infrared devices. The manufacturers of this remote are constantly adding new devices so as to improve its functionality and compatibility. Also, it is not necessary that smart remote will have to see the device for working. It works through that 3 sensors and hence it is not necessary to exact see the device.

It features the high definition touchscreen which really helps the users to know the essential commands for navigation. Also, this remote supports the services like Uber, weather channels, Lyftt and IFTTT. The Sevenhugs’ has the patent pending technology which combines the indoor positioning system with the 9 – axis motion sensors so as to track the smart remote’s exact position and orientation. This feature enables the smart remote to know what it’s pointing at in the 3 – D spaces. Also, to add the new device in the memory of the remote is also quite simple. You just need to use the smart remote iOS and android app to add the new device.

This Sevenhugs’ smart remote comes with the charging station. It is quite simple to charge, just plug in USB – C port and let the remote vertically stand on the charging base. It is hard to believe that a single charge allows for several days of the normal usage. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the smart remote. It should be noted that the smart remote can control the devices which are at the distance of almost 30 to 90 feet depending on the layout of the room, obstacles and wall materials.

Sevenhugs’ smart remote understands where it is in your home, thanks to Wi-Fi and three connected sockets that are included in the package. It is a compact, oval- shaped device with no buttons. Yes, you read it right ‘with no buttons’. Cool?? Of course, it is. Using this smart phone is incredibly simple and intuitive. The smart remote relies on three, small wall – mounted sensors and its own internal motion tracking to orient itself.

I know that now you are thinking about the cost of this incredible remote?? So, let me tell you guys that this Sevenhugs’ smart remote is not as costly as you are thinking. You can easily purchase the same without hurting your pocket and lifetime savings. Its high – quality and unique features really defend its cost. Also, this remote comes with the warranty of one year. So, if your smart remote stops working then you can contact the customer support and they will surely help you in fixing the problem or replace the unit if necessary. Ok, I am not saying that it is cheap material but its solid specs and alluring looks really deserve this price. Also, you can get the discounts if you pre – order this product right now. Also, this is made up of very durable material and it surely stays with you for a pretty longer time. So, this is the one – time investment for the users.

So, if you are looking for the smart remote with fascinating looks and incredible features then Sevenhugs smart remote would be the only choice. Don’t waste time as you can get the discount on pre – ordering this product. You are still thinking……stop thinking guys and order it right now as the stocks are limited. Enjoy and experience the unlimited powers like never before with Sevenhugs


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