Right after the remarkable victory of newly elected American president Mr Donald trump, the white house viewpoint towards external affairs has changed. The American president is mainly focusing their strategies on fast-growing economies of the world. Due to the rapid growth of Chinese economy and its expansion policy, the news says that American business is considering it as a major threat to its influence on the world. Previous American president Mr Barak Obama’s policies towards china were not as aggressive as trump.

Increasing Policies Towards China

The latest news says that two Business powers i.e. America and China cannot tolerate influence of each other towards the outer world. The policies of Donald Trump for China are getting strict because of the increasing threat of North Korea for America. North Korea is still under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, and china is using it as an advantage against the USA. Due to the increasing nuclear power of North Korea and madcap mind of its dictator, the threat has increased at a new level.


Warning Towards North Korean Actions

Recently America warned China that put some control over North Korean activities or they will directly involve in the matter. Donald trump warned China that their trade relationships will remain good only if china will interfere in North Korea’s matter and solve it at neighbour’s level. China is a major trade partner of North Korea with a share of the 2/3rd portion. This is the reason of china’s responsibility towards North Korean actions.


Sea Borders Also Became a Major Issue

The conflict of South China Sea is also a big reason behind bad relationships of both countries. America is angry over the construction of an artificial island in the middle of South China Sea by the Chinese government. China is claiming rights over the South China Sea which is far beyond the reach of its sea border and much nearer to Vietnam. America is taking interest in this matter because china is expanding its borders and this place has abundant resources of crude oil.


May Turn Into Major World War

Against the interference of china beyond the international sea boundary, the American naval fleet is deployed by Trump to mark its presence. This has increased the tension between two super powers, which may result in a disastrous war. Donald trump declared that if the situation will remain constant, then the possibilities of war in the next few years will increase.


Effects On The Trading Benefits

Sending a complete naval fleet towards the South China Sea is a strict step of America against the republic of china. These conflicts between two countries are also affecting trade benefits because Donald Trump is imposing many trade penalties on china on the name of violation in terms. To counter this situation, china is making strategy with the help of their think tanks. As performer commerce minister of China, he said that china is ready for any kind of trade war with America.


Trading Decision By Donald’s Trump

The current news on the trading aspects between China and America, china’s president Xi Jinping have stated to defend globalisation against all the populist forces that want an end of all the free trades. On receiving the message, The trump’s decision to kill all TPP with the china and leaves doors open and pushed them to create their own brand of trade that becomes home for the other such fastest-growing economies. Apart, Beijing is already developing its own trade deal that is named as a Regional comprehensive Economic Partnership and may also include various other nations in TPP such as Japan and Australia.
These recent steps of trump against china are resulting into world war situation because both of them are powerful countries and have abundant sources of defence supply. The domination struggle of both countries is leading this world to a dark age of war and loss of lives.


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