Porsche is most popular and a high-performance sports car or race car manufacturer from such a long years. Actually, these cars have won up to 24,000 auto races around the world till now.

Porsche has won several awards from the automotive media for their high-performance products. In fact, the upcoming model is the powerful and fastest road-going version of the 911 till now. For more details...

Porsche has officially revealed the latest model that has some advantages over the previous model. The previous Porsche made a strong impression on the people when it introduced in 2011.

Upcoming 911 GT2 RS is the most powerful version built by Porsche having the performance level like a super sports car.

What 911 GT2 RS Special Spec to Offer:

The inside features of Porsche 911 GT2 RS includes black leather, red Alcantara, carbon fiber accents and carbon fiber backrests for bucket seats. It also contains the latest version of the brands PCM infotainment system.

It has 700 horsepower and 553-pound feet of torque which is 80 horsepower and 37 torque more than the previous GT2 RS. The new model has the capability to hit the 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The feature seven-speed double clutch transmission is geared to let the car stretch out 211 miles per hour. Isn’t it great! Its 3.8-liter engine is taken from the current 911 Turbo S and is upgraded with turbocharger and a titanium exhaust for the better performance.

Porsche teamed up with Microsoft for the hardcore used in 2018 911 GT2 RS model at the Forza Motorsport 7 launch.

What to Expect more from 911 GT2 RS?UpComing Sensation in Sports Car Industry

One of the latest features that are first time introduced in Porsche road car is the system that sprays water on the intercooler. The purpose of this is to cool the air temperature which allows the engine to make more power. A water tank is kept in the front trunk in order to implement this feature. The Porsche track app also enables you to record and analyse the driving data on your Smartphone.

Chrono package expands the Porsche communication management functions to include a performance display that evaluates and save the lap times. It consists of the instrument cluster of the 4.6-inch color display which constantly supplies the data from the onboard computer. This also provides other information about communication as well as audio settings and displays the navigation system map.

Porsche Ceramic Composite break is an enhanced security feature implemented in this model. This feature enables shorter braking distance in tough road and race conditions. It also enhances the safety when the user applies break at high speed.

Don’t Forget to Look at It’s InteriorWhat to Expect more from 911 GT2 RS

It makes use of lightweight glass for making the rear and rear side windows. All the material used in the construction is light as polycarbonate as well as scratch and fracture resistant.

The power to weight ratio is 2.85 kg/kW which is the reason for the outstanding performance. Porsche makes use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to produce the wheel arch vents, front wing, front lid, air intakes in the rear side panels, the upper part of the sports design exterior mirror. The purpose of using carbon fiber for the body is to keep this sports car’s kerb weight less than 3300 pounds.

Its roof is made up of magnesium and rear silencers are made of titanium. Its front wheels are 20 inches up and the rear is 21 inches having tire measuring 265/35 and 325/30 respectively.

The sports steering wheel with the gear shift paddles enable the fast and sporty gear changes. There is also a dash-mounted stopwatch and a display to save and review the lap times.

This upcoming model comes with aerodynamic components like vents in the front fascia and a prominent rear wing.

What about The Price?

If you are thinking about the price, then it is obvious that 911 GT2 RS is not going to be a cheap model. 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS will arrive in the showrooms in the early month of the year 2018. And its expected price may be $293,200, £207,506

Wrapping Up:

This successor of 911 series of Porsche has an attractive design and gives high performance. It includes a unique feature i.e. the system which sprays water on the intercooler for the better performance of the engine. This new upcoming model by Porsche is expected to give a tough competition to other competitors in the market. The lightweight construction of the car makes it more suitable for road racers.


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