In the previous article, I have mentioned you around 61 gadgets and each of them is superior from one another. Due to advancement in technology numerous specification are added in update versions of gadgets.

Now the coming devices also contain some hidden information from which you are not aware. Inventions in various fields are still in process, but some earlier innovations that change the world are mention here. The descriptive data is connected through history as well as upcoming Technology and innovation features. So, the further gadgets are mention below:

Technology Discuss: How Gadgets Changed Our World

40. Wi-Fi routers:

This is a device, which is quite essential at the time of emergency services. It is well-known for the mobility of laptops as well as portable computers. This device also acts as a hardware firewall in case of residential as well as commercial services. This latest technology in communication is considered as the best form of wireless networking. For sharing or transferring of files from one place to another this high-speed internet connection is preferable. Moreover for handling internet traffic while sending or receiving data modem is linked to it. You can easily connect your phone or laptops with it while sitting in a coffee shop or in any Wi-Fi campus. As the name clarifies it is a wireless device with a variety of specifications. Innovations of Wi-Fi routers are enough to access multiple devices.

39. Electric drill:

Mostly we all have seen this drilling machine in case of construction purposes, it comes into existence in 1889. Role of technology is not just limited to scientific use, but in daily life also inventions are most applicable. Moreover, we can say to decrease the men efforts this is an appropriate machine. Easy to handle and a portable electric drill is useful for numerous purposes. Earlier wooden drill needs lots of efforts while for cutting or drilling purposes. But nowadays cutting tools such as drill machines are enough to tighten the drill bit as well as driver bit. For boring holes into wooden materials or in walls is not so much tough nowadays. Metalworking or woodworking is now easy to increase the space. Varieties of performances are there such as hanging wall clocks, usage in case of construction of wooden cupboards etc.

38. High definition television:

From this we all are aware of, most probably we use the word HD quality many times to describe the image definition. The first version was introduced in Japan in the year of 1979. After invention, till now a number of changes or implementation of high-tech ideas are still in process. The whole process of changes almost took 20 years, and now around 80% families are enjoying it. Though, we can say that technology trends are providing best quality to users. This generally defines the superior quality images and videos on the television screen. Talking about various examples such as cable television, streaming videos, and satellite television all this uses HD quality for displaying videos. The most important thing is it uses the digital signal in their processing. High resolution than a standard definition video is its superior quality.

37. Wrist Watch:

Gadget number 37 is something which does not need any introduction. Wristwatch eliminates the pocket watch from the market. It is a small timepiece which was introduced in 1904 with the help of aviator, which was preferable to manage the schedule. As in earlier era, the different timepieces are in use the famous one was a sand timepiece. Talking about wrist watch one can say changes in technology have made life easier. We all cannot dream about it “that how much tough it was to notice the time while estimating the speed of sand”. I personally depend on the wristwatch in today’s era. To walk with discipline time management is the most important thing. Thus, wrist watches are designed to overcome various complications. This was one of the great innovations without which survival of human’s life is not so much easy. Hence you will also feel that mostly we all are dependent upon it. During World war one it became the major issue to synchronize the time with one another. For performing different operations in time and to increase the performance by managing it under execution time is helpful through wristwatch.

36. Movie camera:

In around 1932 it was now possible to capture the memories through a movie camera. The 8mm movie camera was creating history in all around areas. This starting invention of the movie camera was beneficial for future technology. Normally it attracts every single person towards it. People were carrying it with them at the time of parties or vacations to capture the memories. Hence in daily life, you can say it was the great source of entertainment. In very few time this movie camera collects the bundle of recognition from around all over the world. The trend of collecting memories starts from their and slowly or steadily the new innovations become part of it. These movie cameras were capable of making videos at different locations.

35. Microphone:

Now the next one gadget is most popular without which there is any possibility of telephone, television or radio. This device is mainly defined as a component of the telephone. Earlier era this was introduced for starting performance. In live concerts or making an announcement, these microphones play an important role. Through this adjustment of the human voice is possible in case of recordings. The acoustic microphones were in huge demand in an earlier era. In around 1870s the carbon microphone has taken place in the market. It was popular for its proper voice telephony system. Thus we can say in ending of 70s almost number of technology benefits were there in top 10 positions. Talking about today’s generation anyone can make use of the microphone in parties to become a star.

34.  Digital camera:

Recently you must have read about the movie camera, now the invention of the first digital camera takes place in 1975. This was the innovation that completely changes the capturing picture as well as videos format system. The interesting scenario of this digital camera was capturing memories which one can save in SD cards. Around millions of people in today’s generation make use of it. This can be easily noticeable from the number of uploads in social sites. Moreover, one more attractive part is one can transfer the digital camera’s date to laptops or computer. Light in weight with a number of the specification is the major feature is the purpose of its popularity. This is considered as technology and society development feature. In worldwide areas, people enjoy its features by keeping their memories alive. Hence due to increase in technology new features are still adding in it.

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33. Microwave oven:

Numbers of innovations take place in recent years. Some of them take little more time to make their existence among different devices. One of them is microwave oven; it is something which has made numerous people addicted towards it. For an easy lifestyle, various families are recommending it. This electronic kitchen appliance has made the difficult task easy. The automatic features of this system are helpful for a woman to perform multiple functions at same time. Thus we can say in this busy schedule it is a kind of miracle. This invention comes under the new technology era. The microwave oven is the easiest way of cooking the delicious food items in a small interval of time.

32. Computer mouse:

It is the technology device through which multiple operations of the computer are handling through a single button. Moving cursor here and there is a simple process for locating or relocating purposes. Handling the operations with simple clicking is almost a preferable task for a number of users. This device is not so much tough to operate. The Little learning process is sufficient to operate it in the case of personal computers or laptops. Thus we can say this new innovation brings the technology to a different level. Considering its small size will be a mistake. The total working of the mouse makes the work process easy. Moving of cursor to select the operation and just clicking on it is sufficient. Instead of preferring the keyboard keys for up and down procedure taking help from computer mouse is easy.

31. Light emitting diode:

A light-emitting diode is also known as LED based on emerging technologies. This device is usually fitted on the front of television remote “I hope you all have seen this”. This is a two-lead semiconductor light source, which takes place in 1968. It is a p–n junction diode, use for lightening up the dark areas. Thus the p-n junction diode emits light when activation stage. The color emitting diodes are also taken place while lightening up the areas. With the help of a suitable voltage,  the electrons recombine with electron holes to produce the light. These LED lights are quite useful as well as in energy saver. This requires low energy consumption, longer lifetime period; improve the physical robustness and faster switching. LED is useful light up the room areas. They are eco-friendly with no filaments; LED radiates light when current passes through it. Numbers of digital formats are depended upon these LED lights. The collection of different color LED lights makes it more beautiful and interesting. Seven segment displays is another specification of LED devices. These light emitting diodes are energy efficient as well as powerful.

30. Compact disk player:

It is an electronic audio player, which takes place in the market in the year of 1982 as latest technology inventions. This audio, as well as a video system, is applicable for listening or recording music. For entertainment, you can easily make it as a part of the home player stereo system, a personal computer as well as car audio system. This is also known as CD player which is the optical storage medium with the digital data system. Nowadays various companies have launched their compact disk player with unique features. The first CD player was CDP-101 which was used by a number of peoples in all around the world. Due to updating in various technologies, various disk formats are there to store data. This system increases the sale of music in just almost ten years. Millions of people use this CD player to relax their mind as well as a good source of entertainment.

29. Camcorders:

The lightweight camera, which is applicable for recording live videos in such as easy way is known as camcorders. It was introduced in 1983, which you can carry anywhere as it was counted as technology evolution. Earlier it was used to record the live events that take place in streets. Thus this is a portable device that you can carry anywhere to capture the live shoots. In the present era, the digital camcorders are there in markets which are applicable for self-shooting. Before this, the journalist carries news camera to collect the information. But in 1991, the revolution takes place a camcorder was used to record the various operations take place in all around cities. Today people use smartphone cameras to capture the live events and upload them to various social sites. With the global change, the technology is introducing us with a bundle of new inventions.

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28. Electric guitar:

During the 1950s and 1960s, the electric guitar was popularly used as a good source of pop-music. In 60’s electric guitar plays an important role. Mostly in every party as well as live events this instrument has taken a number of people heart away. The wooden block with electric strings creates a standard for a musical instrument. Heavy metal music is the popular events that take place with an electric guitar for entertainment source. Thus technology and children walks along parallel. Usually, numbers of live concerts use this instrument to raise the quality.

27. Blackberry:

This is a smartphone which was design by a Canadian company. This is considered as even the President of United State cannot resist without it. In the year of 1999 Blackberry acts as a lifesaver in terms of security issues. With the help of outstanding features as well as fast running processor this was attracting people with global technologies. Till now it is the top most brands among other smartphones companies. The unique keypad with advanced technology features is the main specialty. In the USA or in certain areas the QWERTY keypad was in hand of numerous people.

26. Crescent Wrench:

In 1842, the adjustable wrench comes into the market which was new invention of technology that changed the world. This wrench has open end with movable jaws. It is applicable for tighten up the screws as well as in mechanical workshops. As the name signifies one can adjust it according to size and make the work process easy. This is a portable equipment, which one can carry anywhere without any problem. Moreover, this is a device which can be easily fit into your toolbox. Crescent is the tool company, which is a brand name of hand tools. In 1907 this invention takes place. As it is more advanced from the earlier one. Instead of using different equipment, this crescent tool performs the multiple operations. The movable rotator is there to open or close the jaw. One can open the jaw according to need.

25. The High-Fi music system:

In 1950 this was the new invention which was a little bit costly. This changes the world scenario about music system further new features are added in technology today. People were getting attracted towards it, as the passion of listening to soft music was also increased. With high sound quality, this stereo system changes the point of view of various people. For the first time, this music system also provides the recording option while sitting in home. It was an adjustable music system which also performs the job of radio. Depending upon its feature one can select the mode of music according to choice. The 10-bit music tuner increases the range while changing the mode.

24. The sewing machine:

In the 18th century, the sewing machine operated through the foot, which is due to manufacturing technology. As they perform the functions of stitching, numbers of operations were now possible with a single thread. To stitch a fabric cloth now clothing companies were making use of it. With the change in technology these sewing machines also introduces new features. Now stitching fabric clothes are possible by using portable lightweight machines. Earlier chain stitch method was used to sew the individual items. Thus in advance one without any large efforts the cloth gets ready in a convenient way. Therefore we can say it saves the time as well as money. Earlier it takes several hours to stitch clothes but now it is possible in certain seconds.

23. Laptops:

This is undoubtedly the most innovative technology in education which makes a number of people free from that wired computers. This portable electronic device was in the market in the year of 1970s and 1980s. With the help of Wi-Fi connection, it becomes easier to work from home or while enjoying vacations. The processor speed and RAM memory were quite enough to perform multiple operations. This is one of the perfect examples of change in technology. The high features and specification of laptops make people dependent upon it. According to 90%, a person traveling without a laptop is not possible for them to access their business. This global change is effective for secret missions also. Under security and proper safety measures, one can share data from one place to another. At the time of emergency conditions now the communication process does not get affected thus we can say it acts as a life saver. Mostly now every emergency service also uses this technology to track the area at the time of difficult situations.

22. VCR (Video Cassette Recorder):

It is an electromechanical device for recording or playing music. In 19s this system was mostly used to watch movies and videos. Thus it was a good technology business, people started to rent out the VCR system under certain charges. This provides the home theater feeling at that time. By just entering magnetic tape the whole data was displayed in front of us. It was the perfect source of entertainment at that time. Demand for movies also increases with it people usually enjoyed the rental business. The change occurs in 2006 when DVDs were in use instead of VCRs. With HD quality DVD system is now still in use.

21. The answering machine:

This awesome invention takes place in 1897 by Thomas Edison. After the innovation of phone industries, this technology news and feature takes place. Through this one can answer as well as record the calls. This machine changes the trend of attending the call. Now it was possible to deliver the message, at the time of emergency situations. This machine records the message while anyone does not present there. According to people, it was a great effort done by Edison to make life process easy. Through this one can send or deliver the voicemails. Millions of people have enjoyed its benefit at that time. And after some time due to change in the era, the new invention takes place by Thomas Edison was a photograph. Thus we can say the ending of the 18th century has given us a number of gifts to communicate with people.


After considering the above points the conclusion is new invention has provided us enormous benefits. Every creative idea has introduced us to a variety of benefits, and hence all this cannot be neglected. The step by step change in technology has entertained us as well as saved us from difficult situations. Talking about communication sources without them it was difficult to handle the emergency conditions. Wristwatch invention at the time of Second World War saves us by performing urgent operations. Same as like this there are a number of more inventions that are mention in next article. So, hold your breath and keep reading.


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