In this hi-tech era, almost everyone has a mobile phone; new models come out so often and almost everyone wants to replace their old phones with the latest versions that have more features and advancements. But have you ever thought about what should you do with the old one after buying a new handset?

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If you are thinking about throwing it away then don’t do this, please. But Why?

Most of the people wish to upgrade their mobile phones; they put their old handsets into dusty drawers or shelves as unwanted items. And after sometimes, these devices become obsolete and then they are disposed of in trash bins to get rid them of. This is a really bad thing to do.

Like many other electronic devices, mobile phones contain toxic heavy chemicals such as lead, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, and mercury etc. Unfortunately, when an old phone is thrown away and enters a landfill, it may release those toxic substances into the environment. Consequently, it may cause to pollute air, soil, and groundwater as well.

This is why you should never treat your old mobile phone as a junk and never discard it in the garbage can. Then, what should you do? I am here to tell you some amazing things that you can do with your old mobile phone if you don’t want to sell your mobile phone.

10 Cool Things That You Can Do With Your Old Mobile Phone

If your phone is in a good working state then you should not discard it as an unwanted item. You can use it for numerous purposes, from Here is a list of some great things that you can do with your old working handset. Have a look at and don’t miss the last one!

  1. Use It As a Home Security Camera

Wow. If you want to keep an eye on the house while you are not there, no need to spend good money to buy a security camera. You can now turn your old phone into a simple security camera for your home protection. Just download an app like IP Webcam and it will allow you to see through your phone’s camera.

  1. Give It To The Kids

You can simply give your old phone to your kids so that they can learn and get entertained as well. The free Kid Mode app is full of free educational and fun games and videos that kids love. Further, you can add a lock on the phone so that kids can’t leave the app and get involved in the things that they shouldn’t be using.

  1. Make it a Smart TV Remote Control

It is another way to reuse an old phone. Whether you own an Android device or an iPhone, you will be able to control everything in your home with the help of a universal remote. If you have an Android, you can go for IR blaster. This feature will let your phone connect to TVs, air conditioners, and other electronic devices that generally use a remote control.

  1. Use It As a Digital Photo Frame

If you are a photo-lover then this tip is for you. You can turn your old phone into a digital photo frame. Just download the free DayFrame App and get a stylish stand for your digital photos. This app connects to all your online accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos and will automatically scroll through your photos. Obviously, you can also pick up a particular photo or album to show if you don’t want to show all of them.

  1. Turn It Into a Wireless Computer Trackpad

This is a unique way to use your old phone. You can control your computer or laptop with the help of your old phone by turning it into a wireless trackpad and keyboard. You can download the Remote Mouse app and use your phone to explore the web, control presentations, and do all things on your PC or laptop. Doing all that on a touchscreen gives you a great feel as compared to using a normal mouse.

  1. Set Your Old Phone As an MP3 Player

Music lovers, this is for you! Don’t leave it your old phone in a cupboard; you can set up your old mobile phone as an mp3 player and play music in the car easily. Simply put a music widget on the home screen and you will be able to have quick access to your favorite songs every time.

You can also use it as a radio by installing TuneIn Radio on your cell phone.

  1. Use it As An Emergency Phone

If you are planning to upgrade your phone, don’t throw the old one away. You can use it as an emergency phone. So, keep it fully charged, then switched it off and keep it in your car’s board. In this way, you will be able to make a call even if your main handset is out of battery.

  1. Donate Your Phone

Your old mobile phone is worth money. So nowadays, there are numerous charities take your old unused phones as donations, and then sell them on to raise funds for some noble deed they do. You can look for such charities online.

  1. Trade it In

Yes, you can also go for this traditional way. You can trade your old phone in and get some cash. These days, a lot of trade-in companies that take old mobile phones off and pay some money for them. You can go online and visit eBay, Amazon or any other store to sell your old phone.

  1. Recycle it for Cash

Last but not the least, mobile phone recycling is another great way to get rid of an old cell phone. By doing so, you can make the most money in exchange for your handset as well as take a part in maintaining the Green environment.

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At the present time, there are a lot of Mobile Phone recycling comparison companies that buy your old and even broken mobile phones at good prices and then recycle or reuse them to produce new products. Don’t forget to find them.




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