D’Momo factory is a small cozy joint in the upscale market of Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4 which serves a wide variety of momos.

They have created quite a name for themselves in the capital city of Delhi as far as momos are concerned. Even though it’s got a very limited seating capacity, the ambience is quirky and trendy. The walls are colourfully done and pictures of delightful food adorn the walls. This place is usually buzzing and jam-packed in the evenings.


Serving over 40 varieties of momos, their specialities are Afghani Momos and  Schezwan Momos. The Chicken Schezwan Momos particularly are juicy and flavorful with the right amount of chillies and spices. They even serve healthy whole wheat momos for the calorie-conscious people of South Delhi. In addition to momos, they serve Chinese cuisine, which is terrific as well. I tried the Mee Hakka noodles, one of their special innovations with Chinese cuisine. It had a wide array of vegetables, tender and succulent pieces of chicken, perfectly blended eggs and a lot of spices. Even their soups are “egg-tastic” with an ample amount of eggs, chicken, herbs and spices. Needless to say, I was mighty impressed by their food.

They have recently come up with new additions to their menu, including Pasta Momos, Burger Momos and “Momos-in-a-Roll”. Sounds bizarre right? Even I was pretty amused at first, but then you have got to try these new and creative fusion foods before you become judgmental. Since I am a huge burger fan (if given a choice I would gorge on burgers 24X7), I tried this “jugalbandi” and I was hooked right after taking the first bite. Melt in the mouth momos inside soft and tender buns with the right amount of masalas and vegetables; this offbeat concoction was simply splendid. One thing is for sure, I will be coming back to try the rest of their “jugalbandis” as well!D'momo Food Review

The staff of D`Momo factory is humble and efficient at the same time. They service is pretty quick, thus adding to the whole dining out experience. If momos are what you are craving for, this place is highly recommended.

I will give it a rating of 4/5.


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